Madalina Vintu


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Age segments addressed:
9-14, 14-18, 18-75

This is me

I am driven by curiosity and I have an imense will to discover and learn. I love beginings, all the uncertainty and hope they contain, all the possibilities and risks that come along. I draw a lot of energy from the moments right before the start.

All important aspects of my life have in common the partnership with exceptional individuals from whom I’ve learned the important lessons of respect, love and resilience.

I’m an addicted reader, I try new things when ever I get the chance to and I look at life through the lens called„what can I learn from this”.

I’m at ease in activities which require a high pace and I love process efficiency, whether it’s about organising a closet or a production infrastructure.

I & Horse original touch point

I’ve officially met THE horse on a hot summer day, while on an outdoor sports practice session which was taking place right beside a stable. I’ve took my first riding lesson under the burning August sun. My family name translates into “wind”, the horse’s name translates into “wind storm”. It was love at first sight or at first ride…

Since then, horses have become an integral part of my life, for business, sport and leisure activities.


  • HorseDream Partner
  • Vocational counseling – JVIS
  • Equine competitions Steward – national level
  • Economist
  • Programmer
  • Trainer