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A preview of a Horse Assisted Education program: starts from client’s  needs, goes through experiential learning and leads to long lasting positive impact on people and business results.

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The blind, the deaf and the mute

The blind, the deaf and the mute is an introductory horse assisted exercise which delivers on the identification of ways of working.

What is horse assisted education?

The value of a horse assisted education module lies in the links we create between what happens in the exercises and your real life.

Eagle eye perspective

I’m particularly fascinated by the perspective from above because it’s very rarely that I have access to it. Since I live my life from my own height, I usually perceive the events and the others from this height.

Team alignment

Alignment – an exercise for old teams and new teams, for business contexts where you cannot anticipate all the potential obstacles, when the situations where roles change so fast that any lack of attention will cost the whole team. In short, an exercise for the real business life.

Roles and Delegation

Team activity for 6-12 participants
Roles – Delegation – Problem Solving

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Enjoy the beauty of belonging in the light of collaboration. Leadership at its best!

Transforming culture through leadership – October 2018

Leadership transformation in merger and acquisition

Wise Horse – team experience

We transformed October into spring, we sow, cared for and picked lots of emotions and smiles. We shaped, colored, listened, observed; we enjoyed the trust of our colleagues, the attention of Lizzi and Nelli, and we tested in practice the concept of “alignment”.

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