In learning, like in every other aspect of our lives, the message is sometimes carried by the most inconspicuous messenger.

“Tot ce se intampla face parte din activitate.

Este ruptura de stoc la globuri de sticla, borcane si alte medii controlate”

Asa suna mesajul pe care il transmitem tuturor participantilor la  programele bazate pe educatia asistata de cai pe care le facilitam noi.

Anul trecut, prezenta care sustinea cel mai mult acest mesaj era un caine care in mod sistematic lua cate un jalon si pleca cu el, suficient de lent cat sa poata fi ajuns din urma si suficient de departe cat sa atraga atentia intregului grup de participanti.

Anul acesta, acest mesaj este ilustrat de o pisica care manifesta o imensa placere in a participa in special la activitatile de tip Train the Trainer. Desi e foarte mica si se misca foarte putin, prezenta aceasta atrage si atentia cailor.

“Everything that happens is part of the activity.

We are out of stock for glass bells, jars and other protected environments.”

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Press Release – regarding 2018 EAHAE Global Conference
A deep and profound experience, Horse Assisted Education offers insights into self-awareness, collaboration and leadership in a way no other learning experience can.

“There has never been a time of Greater Peril or Greater Promise”, says World Economic Forum Director, Prof Klaus Schwab who has been at the centre of global affairs for a few decades. His recent book ‘The Fourth Industrial Revolution’ acknowledges technology’s potential to connect billions more people to digital networks, dramatically improve lives and organizations and even undo damage done by previous industrial revolutions.

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I got what I wanted: a lesson about “being” before “doing”. A slow paced experience in a fast forward world, with wonderful partners: people and horses.

It’s been an unusually busy project calendar during the 4 weeks before my attendance to the EAHAE conference.

Our team’s decision was to attend the workshop on the Thursday before the conference, so we set out one day earlier than previously planned.  I was looking for a break, a few days when I could breathe in and out without watching the clock and paying attention to others’ needs.

Jackie offered me a full-size gift through the workshop on Thursday.

First, it was the request to contribute with the one word I felt best described my intention for the day. The Romanian words for Thank you popped out of my heart and curiously enough I simply accepted it and said it out loud before I had the chance to ask myself “what am I thankful for?”

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