Alexandru Busila


HR HH (human happiness) Soft Skills Training


Age segments addressed:
9-14, 14-18, 18-75

This is me

If you’re sitting comfortably it’s ok. If you are comfortable, call 911, you’re in a coma!  I’ve called many times. At the other end of the line there was ME. Several times I did not admit being in a coma and others dialed the number for me. At the end of the line there was still ME. Other times I’ve preferred the coma but ended up being hungry so I had to wake up. Therefore, I’ve accepted being uncomfortable as means for development. For the last 10 years, therapy, observation and understanding the human nature have been for me “the hunger that wakes me up every morning”. I believe everyone has his normality, everything else is madness.

I & Horse original touch point

My riding experience started with a cow. At age 12 I diversified my riding experiences with riding a horse with no saddle or reins. It got away from its owner the second I got on its back and then I discovered the utility of the horse’s main when cantering. The trees stayed away from our path and I lived to tell the story.

23 years later, I’ve met another horse, in a different set-up. It was therapy. And I wasn’t the therapist, the horse was. A big thank you for that Horse!


  • Psychotherapist (behavioral cognitive therapy)
  • Teacher (high school)
  • Trainer