Divergent – Horse Touch Training module

What is Horse Touch Divergent?

Horse Touch Divergent is a one-day outdoor experiential learning and development program which demonstrates how you can have order without control. It’s about how to make the most out of emergent change and opportunity-based change. Horses will teach you the value of the present in terms of shifting the future and what is of real importance when navigating change. HT Divergent is also a great opportunity to do horse assisted brainstorming on existing or future projects/ideas. You will work with 1-5 horses, individually, in pairs and in groups.

Context in which it may be useful / Potential Needs it addresses

This program is suited for your team if adapting to changes drains your  energy or derails your focus, as an organization. You will find value in this program if you are going or about to go through some business changes or challenges.

In the face of Volatility, Uncertainty, Complexity and Ambiguity, if it’s important for you to know how to deal with the emotions brought up and how to transform them so that they serve you instead of blocking you.


  • Redefines the paradigm of simple vs complex
  • Processes emotions into actionable items
  • Trains resilience
  • Trains emotional agility