Eagle eye perspective

I’m particularly fascinated by the perspective from above because it’s very rarely that I have access to it. Since I live my life from my own height, I usually perceive the events and the others from this height. People and horses are about my eye level, cats, dogs and young children are not. I have access to the levels between ground and my own height: I can simply kneel down to have a conversation with a child or to pet a dog. I don’t have access in real time to the levels above me. I see the material (video or photo) after the actual experience. This also gives me more time to reflect on it.

It’s part WHAT you are looking at and part HOW you are looking at it. WHEN you look at it also accounts for some of your perception.

Finally, it comes without saying that looking at video recordings means you are also taking on the perspective of the cameraman.

The perspective changes every time the viewer changes.

Youtube link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h5ZHhnTmA8M&t=3s