Project objectives and context

The management team (board level) to attend the program is composed of 12 individuals, some of them with a long career behind them, some with a similarly long career ahead of them.

At core, the learning context to be created for these individuals has 3 main objectives:

  1. Foster an environment where each one can get to know better himself, the team and how this team interacts with the organization it leads.
  2. Create a basic framework for this team to create its ways-of-working and adhere to them
  3. Provide a safe emotional journey for this team to accelerate in their forming, storming and norming development phases.

Content of the project

  • One Horse Touch Module
  • 12 One on One debrief – coaching – action plan definition sessions (6 weeks later)
  • One Horse Touch Module (6 months later)

Client’s Feedback

Excellent and revealing program! Good food for thought.

Useful! It highlighted all the important aspects we need to work on.

You asked great questions. Thank you!