Feed forward – Horse Touch training module

What is Horse Touch Feedforward?

Horse Touch Feedforward is a one-day outdoor experiential learning and development program which uses the feedback loop in the scope of generating feedforward. Horses give action-based feedback and respond exclusively to behavior (action). They demonstrate how to use the information contained in the feedback process without taking it personally and the facilitators demonstrate how to translate it into actionable items. You will work with 1-4 horses, individually, in pairs and in groups.

Context in which it may be useful / Potential Needs it addresses

This program is suited for your team if you are looking to increase either the performance or the efficiency of one or more processes. It addresses mainly the “why we do the things we do” and connects it to “how we do things”.

If there are changes or a need of changes in your business context or in your organizational culture, this activity will bring out ideas about what needs to change in the behavior of the participants. And, just as importantly, what needs to stay the same, what are the strengths which will help you move in the desired direction.


  • Translates knowledge into skill
  • Delivers a positive experience for feedback which requires changes in behavior
  • Increases self-trust and team-trust
  • Builds team capability
  • Practically demonstrates the link between cause and effect (input and output)