Gabriel Balanescu


Marketing Sales Market Research Human Sciences


Age segments addressed:
9-14, 14-18, 18-75

This is me

I have left Romania immediately after the fall of the iron curtain. My life and social path developed over North America and Europe, having studied anthropology and sociology up to a Ph.D. level and with an MBA in marketing.

I am a constant learner as much as I am constantly sharing any knowledge I might have acquired.

I am a human with a keen interest in human matters, stemming from human sciences to various creative ways by which humans express themselves.

I love photography, it is part of who I am as much as my right or left arm, with it I have managed to develop my observation skills.

I & Horse original touch point

First time I saw a horse I was a little boy, maybe 5 or so, playing at my aunt’s house. The horse was resting, apparently while chewing on some straw. I haven’t seen something that large in my life so I was drawn to it, I wanted to touch it yet it was so tall… So I looked at it, it looked back, making me feel seen and accepted, a part of that moment. Looking at this memory through time, I still hear his chewing. Since that, I have met many horses in many places, each moved me in a different way, yet it was the chewing and that glance that still sticks with me over the years.


  • PHD in Anthropology and Sociology
  • Master in the Study of Image