Ionut Popescu

Topics: Sales IT&C


Age segments addressed:
9-14, 14-18, 18-75

This is me

I love to build businesses from scratch like legos. To prospect, to plan, to change the plan, to test, to fail, to win, to build teams, to achieve excellency. I like to bring out the best in people. In me included. I try every day to be the best version of myself. I know there are no limits except those we construct ourselves in our mind. And I love to teach others how to work with their self-imposed limits to build a better self, to avoid discouragement and find the ray of light in every single situation and person!

I & Horse original touch point

I was lucky to live a big part of my childhood at my grandparents’ house in the countryside. So I’ve learned to love animals from early ages. One of my grandparents had a temperamental horse that I loved to play with, despite my parents’ fear that I might get hurt. Since then I tried to include horses on my getaways. I have very cherished memories of my horseback rides, some full of stamina, some calm and laid back like a sweet summer day. So, it is not surprising that I ended up building a business around horses, the equestrian centre Potcoava Mountain Hideaway.


  • HorseDream Partner
  • Riding instructor
  • Scuba Diving instructor
  • Trainer
  • Journalist