Sanny Cassani


Sales & Key Account Marketing Project Management Event & Exhibition Management


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This is me

I am an open-minded person, which curiously gets involved in all adventures without underestimating the risks. I learned that difficult moments and situations are a gift to enhance and to surpass oneself.  My determination helped me to overcome all obstacles of life and to never lose sight of the goal. My hope and patience have rubbed on many people around me and have helped them to develop themselves. I learned a small moment can mean something big and that seemingly insignificant things can grow into something important.

I & Horse original touch point

By the age of four I knew I wanted to be a rider, even though I grew up in an absolute horse- free environment and a severe childhood disease threatened to stop me from fulfilling my wish. Horse riding became my profession. I have practiced all disciplines from classical riding (dressage, show jumping, military) to western, endurance and trail, all the way to training of race horses and driving carriages. Each has its own charm. A car accident forced me to stay away from riding for a few years so I invested the time into business administration and management, sales, key account management, project and event management and founded my own company. Now I’m riding again and I am combining my first life – horses, with my second life – business.


  • HorseDream Partner (based in Austria)
  • Horse and Riding Instructor
  • NLP Training
  • Coach
  • Coach for Horse Assisted Education