Sight of mind – Horse Touch training

What is Horse Touch Sight of Mind?

Horse Touch Sight of Mind is a one-day outdoor experiential learning and development program which takes you on a trail of activities and emotions based on the hero’s journey concept. It works at the level of individual and group values/principles and it addresses the internal convergence of the team. Sight of mind is a unique opportunity to have a private conversation with yourselves so to realign to what is important to you and your team. You will work with 1-6 horses, individually, in pairs and in groups.

Context in which it may be useful / Potential Needs it addresses

This program is suited for top management teams, in times of transformation (present or future) or in times where the message is not getting across to the organization or the market. It works best when there is a need for corelating what is being said with what is being done or a need for corelating the what with the how and the why.  If you need to assess or realign your management approach to the core values of the organization this is the perfect choice.


  • Generates unprecedented insights on the link between values and behaviours
  • Redefines the management paradigm
  • Gives insights for innovation purposes
  • Transforms and realigns the team and the strategy