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Probably one of the subtlest lessons the horses can teach us is to be oblivious to what others say we can’t do. Since in the horse-world doing is more important than talking, if you want to tell a horse it can’t do something you must intervene one second before they do it to prevent them from doing it or immediately after by changing something in your relationship (increase space, decrease space, reduce status, increase status etc).

Two different worlds

The Horse Assisted Education is probably one of the most intense experience you can have as a learner. It goes well beyond anything else, including extreme-sports and group activities, because it bridges two worlds, so different and yet so easily connected.

We are hunters. The horses are hunted.

We exist on a time continuum where the past and the future take a lot of space. Sometimes too much! We escape our own reality by going back or forth into our memories and imagination.  The horses live in a continuous present. Their lives depend on their skill to be present and aware. They escape by physically running. We escape by being absent.

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