Team Culture – Horse Touch training module

What is Horse Touch TeamCulture?

Horse Touch TeamCulture is a one-day outdoor experiential learning and development program which demonstrate what is the interdependency between the individual and the team, how culture works inside a team, depending on the context and the time frame. Horses are excellent followers if they find a leader to follow. They teach the value of culture in combination with a clear leadership approach.  The program focuses on enhancing the combined competencies of the team members and it relies on the concept of social learning. You will work with 1-4 horses, individually, in pairs and in groups.

Context in which it may be useful / Potential Needs it addresses

This program is suited for your team if you are looking to increase the flexibility of the team and of the individuals composing the team.

If the business context or your organizational culture contain complex variables and or unpredictable components, this activity will bring out ideas about what needs to change in the behavior of the participants and just as importantly, what needs to stay the same, what are the strengths which will help you move in the right direction.

If your business context requires everyone to know what is their time and place for the right contribution, this is the activity to choose.


  • Builds on both skill and will of the participants and enhances both
  • Demonstrates there is a time and place for everyone
  • Builds on strenghts
  • Gives insight about other ways of organizing the team/tasks