Loved by many

An unprecedented experience! One needs to treat the horse with respect in order to obtain her cooperation.  An experience I recommend to all!

HR Manager - FMCG

I can’t remember the expectations I had coming here. It doesn’t matter anymore: they would have been surpassed! I loved the interaction with the horses and the idea that I could control the uncontrollable.  I’ve learned a thing or two about patience, courage and respect.

Regional Manager - Pharmaceuticals

One of the most beautiful experiences I’ve had! I keep wondering who the best teachers are: humans or horses?  I’ve realized that communication is more than words. Attitude weights more.

Regional Manager - Pharmaceuticals

Words of the day “Go with the flow!”.  I’ve learned the importance of truly believing in what you are doing, irrespective of what that is. Trust what you do and do what you trust.

Commercial Manager - Pharmaceuticals

Looking back at today, I would say we had a joyful experience!  You’ve certainly out passed our expectations. It’s the type of experience you never forget.  I appreciate the activity as well as the organization of the day, everything included.  Thank you for the wellbeing environment you’ve created

Commercial Manager - Pharmaceuticals

An insightful experience which allowed me to refine a few practical skills.

Sales Manager - FMCG

Alongside the horses, I’ve passed through a big fear of mine and the resulting experience and skill are impressive! Thank you for your support and encouragements.

Supply Chain Manager - FMCG

Personally, the Goal orientation exercise was the most revealing activity of the day. For us as a team, the behavior’s we’ve identified for ourselves were the best.

Financial Manager - Manufacturing

My take away from this experience is that I have more than one alternative to implement the ideas I don’t necessary agree with.

HSSE Manager - Manufacturing

Adaptation is key to success, even if you don’t feel like changing your approach you still need to and you can.

Quality Manager - Manufacturing

I’ve rediscovered our management team! There are a lot of good things we ca do together.

Commercial manager – FMCG

The team exercise was the most intense activity for me. In a very short amount of time it revealed both the problem and the solution. No interpretation needed because everything becomes obvious with the help of the horses.

Production Manager – Metal manufacturing

I came in with a tough question and I’m leaving with a clear answer. Excellent connection to real-life situations.

General Manager – Automotive

Your benefits when working with Horse Touch

We give you an unique USP for your educational product. We provide expert support for your project and your clients’ objectives.

  • Accelerated start to your project;
  • A fact based “as is assessment” easy for your client to accept and start working from there;
  • Positive emotional experience at the very beginning of your project;
  • Team alignment.
  • Connecting the insights to the emotions and the actions;
  • Opportunity to turn into practice what was learned until then;
  • Progress assessment;
  • Connection and alignment.
  • Powerful emotional experience which anchors the overall experience into the participants’ memory;
  • Step for a next level project;
  • Opportunity to turn knowing into doing;
  • Assessment of ways of working.