What is horse assisted education?

It starts like any other Learning & Development program, with a need’s analysis and objectives definition. First question could be: Are you trying to solve a problem or harness an opportunity?

We then design a program suited to your specific context, team and needs.
Then we accompany you on this journey. In some phases, we step away and clear the space for a horse or two to walk alongside you.
Your physical journey of a few hundred meters beside a horse will take you years up and down the stream of your own life and business and will provide the much needed space and time for you to design the solution you are looking for, test it and prepare the implementation plan.

Horse assisted education is ABOUT YOU! The horses are there as your partners and they have the center role reserved for you. We are there to create the safe and appropriate context for you to travel the distance you need to travel.

The value of a horse assisted education module lies in the links we create between what happens in the exercises and your real life. This means that the quality of the consultants accompanying you is key. It is the humans who design the learning experience, the set-up, choose the horses (very important aspect!) and accompany you.

When choosing the consulting firm you will work with, take a close look at their portfolio, their expertise and experiences and don’t limit your questions to the horses. Choose the business topics and then work your way towards the horses.