Topics you can address through Horse Touch:


Resource management, delegation;
Team alignment, engagement, congruence;
Leadership, Communication, Feedback;
Change management, VUCA, transformation, innovation;


Team and individual coaching.

Team Building

Collaboration and the feeling of being together, plus tons of fun.

Your Benefits when working with Horse Touch

We assure you of having one of the best experiences while learning.

Accelerated performance starts now!

You  do and you are.  With purpose.

You have immediate feedback about your ways of working.

You experience relevant solutions to your context.

You gain direction, the team achieves alignment.

Horses demand your individual commitment.

You gain unprecedented insights about you and your team.

You translate into practice your insights and knowledge.

You focus on solving current and future problems.

Everything is action-based.

Choose One of Our Team Building Programs

We have gladly put together some awesome things just for you.

Wise horse

Festival-like event with 2-3 activities running in parallel and ending with a competition.

Ground work with horses only (no riding).


Duration: 4 hours (half of day).

Participants: 30 – 40.

Ghost Riders

Full horse world experience starting from the ground and working up towards riding.


Ground work and riding.


Duration: Full day.

Participants: 10 – 20.

The blacksmith & the enchanted horse

Treasure hunt-like activities with people and horses. Smart puzzles and learning in a fun way.

Ground work with horses only (no riding).


Duration: 4 hours (half of day) or 1 full day.

Participants: 30 – 40.

  • All 3 team building programs are  memorable experiences because they addresses all three layers of our exterior and interior world: the thoughts, the emotions and the actions.
  • Through the horse assisted modules (sometimes combined with the riding segment)they are truly unique.
  • We offer all the individuals on the team the time, space and role models for being together and bonding.
  • The experience is profound as it access everyone’s paradigms and illustrates in practice the group dynamic.
  • Teambulding with horses is joyful as all horse-related activities are.

Our Clients Journeys So Far

Read the stories about our clients who joined our programs.