Horse Touch Leadership programs

Who would benefit?

Top management teams, middle managements teams, function management teams (cross department), special project teams, co-located or remote senior (experts) teams.

The recommended group format is between 6 and 12 individuals. Larger teams can be accommodated through bespoke experiences.

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Looking for a solution to upgrade an existing Leadership Development program?

If you already have a Leadership development plan, either an internal one or with an external partner, you can exponentially increase your return on investment by including in it a Horse Touch module.

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Your Benefits when working with Horse Touch

Your best experiences ever!

  • Accelerated performance starts now!

  • You do and you are. With purpose.

  • You have immediate feedback about your ways of working.

  • You experience relevant solutions to your context.

  • You gain direction, the team achives alignment.

  • Horses demand your individual commintment.

  • You gain unprecedented insighs about you and your team.

  • You translate into practice your insights and knowledge.

  • You focus on solving current and future problems.

  • Everything is action-based.

Our Clients Journeys So Far

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